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Beard Transplant – Who is it for?

A beard transplant could be the solution for men with absence or lack of facial hair growth – whether they are unable to grow a stubble, a moustache, sideburns or any other part of a beard. This lack of natural growth can be caused by a number of factors, from genetics or hereditary, surgical scars, burns or other circumstances.

Beard transplant is not only for people with complete absence of facial hair; it can also be the solution for men with patchy beard or moustache and would like to grow it thicker and denser.

It is also a permanent solution for people who have tried various brands of beard growth oils, serums, simulators, vitamins and creams available in the market without getting satisfactory results.

What is Beard Transplant?

Beard and Moustache Transplant is gaining more popularity as a permanent treatment. It is a half-day cosmetic procedure that is not invasive and the recovery period is less than a week.

In simple words, it is a process of implanting natural hair follicles into any bald patches on the face. The hair follicles are carefully extracted individually from one’s back of the scalp, then the surgeon implant each follicle in the facial area that requires a thicker hair density.

This gives completeness to the moustache or beard as required. If you are familiar with hair transplants, then the beard transplant applies the same logic but needs a lot of aesthetic touch as the angle and direction varies from inch to inch on every strand of the facial hair.

Once the process of implantation of the follicles is completed, some facial hair will start shedding for a few weeks and then you will notice a gradual growth leading to the final results in a few months. Usually, men who have undergone this procedure are able to trim their beard or moustache after three weeks, and the new hair can be styled similarly to the already existing hair.

Full growth can be expected in about six to eight months. The success rate of this procedure is very high, and the new hair strands are permanent. It will have the same texture and characteristics as normal hair and it can be styled just like natural beard once complete growth is achieved.

What is the cost of beard and moustache transplant treatment?

The cost for a transplant depends on the number of follicles or grafts required for each individual. It is recommended to meet a doctor or consultant to get an exact understanding of the cost involved. Do not go by cheap rates, check the track record of the clinic and their staff, ask for client feedback, check before and after videos and pictures to ensure you do not regret later in the hands of inexperienced surgeons.

How is beard transplant performed and how long Does it take to heal?

There are several techniques that can be applied for a hair transplant procedure. But, when it comes to beard transplantation, the traditional FUE and FUT techniques will not give you a natural looking beard and moustache, because in those technologies the natural angle and direction of the beard and moustache cannot be maintained across every part of the face.

The difference lies in the method to be used for the extraction of the follicles and their implantation to the new growth area. The Nano Follicle Hair Transplant Technology is one of its kind where the aesthetic skills of the surgeon along with the technical team is combined with the latest Imported Implanters from the US to achieve the best natural results of hair, beard and mustache transplant.

Nano Follicle Hair Transplant Technique

This is a unique technology for doing the beard and moustache transplant. The surgeon extracts individual hair follicles from the donor area and implants them where you need your beard to be filled in.

In Nano Follicle Hair Transplant technology, we do not make incisions in the facial area before we perform the transplant. We use an implanter, with which we can directly implant the hair follicles or hair grafts to the recipient area which leaves no scar.

This is a very skilled and delicate process as it determines the direction, density, and angulation of each new graft, and is entirely dependent on the expertise and experience of your chosen surgeon, clinic, and their staff. Of course, top quality also determines top price: quite simply, you get what you pay for!

Usually, it is estimated that between 4,000 and 7,000 hair strands are needed for beard restoration, depending on how large or patchy the recipient area is, and this surgical technique lasts from two to five hours under local anaesthesia.

Nano Follicle Hair Transplant technology offers a faster recovery time than other techniques, and in most cases, there is little or no discomfort. Also, this method gives very satisfying and fast results for both beard and moustache.

Beard and moustache Transplant results (before and after)

Beard Transplant Benefits

  • Permanent natural beard
  • Safe surgical procedure
  • Requires only local anaesthesia
  • Painless: experienced only as small ‘pinches’
  • Transplanted hair grows as normal hair
  • The new beard can be trimmed and shaved as usual
  • Covers burns or scars permanently, if required
  • Allows for various (and changeable) styles of beard

Nano Follicle Hair Transplant

The Nano Follicle Hair Transplant is one of the best hair transplant clinics with centres in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala with a proven track record.

Within few years, the Nano Follicle hair transplant clinic grew as the best hair transplant clinic in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh. It was one of the first permanent hair replacement and hair loss solutions chain of clinics in southern India. We use the most advanced technology for hair transplant and beard transplant performed by experienced hands of specialised surgeons. We have the best hair transplant doctors in our panel.

From small beginnings, we have grown into a best hair, beard and moustache transplant clinic, helping clients from across Andhra Pradesh – Vijayawada, Visakhapatnam, Amaravati, Tirupati, Tenali, Srikakulam, Ongole, Nellore, Kurnool, Kakinada, Kadapa, Hindupur, Guntur, Guntakal, Dharmavaram, Chittoor, Bhimavaram etc. Our unique combination of breakthrough technologies and outstanding Surgeons and clinical team has seen us grow into one of the largest hair transplant clinic in Andhra Pradesh.

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