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Frequently Asked Questions

Male pattern baldness is a common form of baldness in men which is called as androgenic alopecia in medical terminology. There is a hormone called Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which blocks the hair follicles, further weakens them and stop the growth of the new hair. It starts either with a receding hairline or as a bald patch at the crown.

The most common form of hair loss in women is Chronic Telogen Effluvium (diffuse hair loss). In this, you will experience extreme thinning of hair and also an excess hair loss  for a long period of time.

As there are many causes of hair loss, there are also different treatments available for hair loss. A detailed consultation with a hair specialist is very important to diagnose the problem and stage of hair loss and then to proceed with the most effective hair loss treatment.

Hair Transplant is a clinical / surgical procedure in which the hair follicles / grafts are removed from the donor area (back side of the head) and implanted to the recipient area (bald area). These follicles will grow new hair within a few months.

If you have observed a significant hair loss and bald patch either as a receding hairline or a bald patch at the crown, then you may have to opt for hair transplant. Those who are in the early stages of hair loss and have only excess hair fall and hair thinning, you can do preventive measures like PRP and laser therapy to save your hair. A detailed
Tricho analysis will help you understand the stage of hair loss and decide on which treatment is ideal for your hair loss problem.

Hair transplant is very safe and simple procedure which can be completed in few hours giving life-time results with the most modern techniques like NFT technique. When hair implant is performed with new generation instruments used in NFT by an internationally trained and experienced surgeon, there will not be any side effects of hair transplant.

In India, nowadays homoeopathic doctors, dentists and even Ayurveda doctors are performing hair transplant procedures without proper certification and training. At Nano Follicle, all the clinical procedures are performed by Dermatologists with Masters in MD – Dermatology.

According to researches, on an average of 50% of the implanted hair follicles grow at clinics without proper assessment plans that perform the old methods of hair transplant. Nano Follicle Transplant guarantees 100% natural growth of the implanted hair follicles.

At Nano Follicle, the Surgeons / Doctors who perform the procedure hold MD in Dermatology and are trained for NFT with immense experience on different methods of hair transplant even before they come on our panel.

The follicles which are extracted from the donor area are resistant to DHT which will grow for the rest of your life.

Clinics in which unqualified doctors are performing hair transplant which has substandard facilities, OT infrastructure, which use cheap instruments, compromising hygienic standards may offer cheaper prices for hair transplant. Nano Follicle follows international hygienic standard and perform the procedure with the most modern new generation single use instrument and ensure no scar and damage to the scalp.
At Nano Follicle, the price is determined depending on the number of follicles extracted and planted to achieve the best possible results with a maximum density.

It is just a half day procedure which takes 3 hours to 7 hrs depending on the number of hair follicles.

When compared to the methods like FUT it’s painless. The procedure is performed under local anaesthesia and the client can watch TV and relax during the procure.

You should consult a hair loss specialist / Trichologist when you are experiencing the following symptoms:

  1.  A bald patch that has appeared
  2. A receding hairline
  3. Itching on the scalp
  4. Scales on the scalp
  5. Excess oiliness or dryness of the scalp
  6. Excess hair fall, hair shedding or hair thinning
  7. Scalp become visible
  8. Hair breakage after a chemical treatment
  9. Hair not growing / poor quality of hair

A qualified hair consultant / Trichologist will perform a detailed examination of your hair and scalp to assess the problem and its cause. A microscopic hair and scalp check might be required to diagnose the problem. The hair loss specialist will then recommend to you the most suitable treatment.

A balanced diet with proteins and carbohydrates and low fat with zero sugar snacks. Avoid Crash diet which will cause you hair loss. Hair is sensitive to small iron deficiencies. Take multivitamins with small amount of iron. Try stress release activities like yoga, meditation, exercise etc. Avoid Hair treatments like, hot iron, straightening, excessive blow drying, curlers and chemical straighteners which will cause you hair loss Use hair colours that do not content peroxide and ammonia with a hair professional.