Nano Beard and Moustache Implant

Although not for everyone, moustache and beard is a sign of masculinity that many men desire. Moustache is also considered to be a sign of masculinity and transition from boyhood to manhood. It has been found from studies that manliness and social dominance ratings are higher for men with a moustache.

For some individuals, facial hair may come in patchy or may not have a full and denser look. In other instances, hair thinning and loss may occur as a result of genetics, injury, skin cancer removal or cosmetic procedures like facelift surgery and laser hair removal.

Beard and moustache transplant has become one of the most popular cosmetic procedures today to rebuild and refine the beard and moustache. People choose beard transplant for various reasons – cover sunburns, scars, sideburns, and can act as a symbol of manliness. Also, people choose to grow beard as a fashion trend. 

Even though it is very similar to hair transplant for baldness, not all clinics have moustache and beard transplant because it is a complex procedure that needs to be done by an extremely talented and experienced surgeon who understands the fine art of transplant.


Nano Follicle Hair Implant Clinic has expertise in Beard and Moustache Transplants. Although the procedure seems similar to a traditional hair transplant, it does require great skills and attention while placing the follicles to achieve a perfectly natural new beard.

Even if your original beard was thin, or you had no beard before, the new facial hair will grow and gives you a permanent solution. You treat your new beard no different, having to shave regularly, or trim for a stubble look.