Nano Follicle Hair Transplant

Nano Follicle Hair Implant (NFHI) is the most advanced hair restoration techniques available today. Nano Follicle Hair Implant is a revolutionary procedure that changed the entire aspect of hair restoration across the globe.

The NFHI procedure using direct implant instruments is completely quick and painless and gives natural results. The procedure does not demand removing any part of the scalp. Hair transplant surgery, incisions, donor site etc. are not required for NFHI. NFHI procedure is all about carefully extracting individual follicles from the donor area and implanting it on the recipient area in the most aesthetic way with the new generation instruments imported from Europe. Within a few months, the implanted hair will grow and look completely natural. NFHI is considered to be the latest procedure after FUT and FUE. The procedure is also called ‘no root touch technique’ or even “direct follicle transplant”.

The NFHI procedure

NFHI procedure is not just a medical procedure but also an art of recreating an individual’s physical appearance according to his age, profession and personality to help him gain his lost confidence. It’s the art of combining the knowledge of facial proportions, hair and scalp anatomy and the skills of the surgeon’s eyes and hands to the finest details. In other words, it’s the fine arts of the hair transplant.

Unlike FUT and FUE transplant methods, NFHI does not leave traits of scalpels, reception incisions, stitches, scalpels or reception. With NFHI method, the hair follicles are extracted and implanted one by one to the balding area with specially designed implanters imported from the Europe. The NFHI procedure is performed under local anaesthesia and does not leave any stitch mark. Each hair follicle is placed in a specific depth, angle and direction to complement the natural growth of the hairline, facial features, and density giving him/her complete natural results. Nano Follicle Hair Implant is just a one-day procedure and the person can go home the same day after the procedure. Not just that, you can resume your normal lifestyle and work in a couple of days. The hair will start growing after 2-3 months and complete results can be seen within 8-10 months. The implanted hair keeps growing for the rest of your life.

Quality Standards

At Nano Follicle Hair Implant Clinic, we strictly follow SOP (standard operating procedures) which is applicable to all the procedures in order to make sure that great results are achieved for every individual with complete safety and quality. All our team members strictly follow these procedures across all our clinics. 

Nano Follicle Hair Implant process

Step 1 – Extraction of the Hair Follicles/grafts

The hair follicular units are extracted one by one from the donor area by using the most advanced semi-automated new generation instruments which is of a diameter of 0.7mm to 1mm.In NFHI, the complete procedure is performed by a team of Hair Transplant Surgeons and trained professionals who has several years of experience in performing aesthetic hair transplant.

Step 2 – Preparation of the scalp/recipient area

The extracted hair follicles are segregated and preserved under specific temperature to ensure that no follicles are damaged while implanting which will ensure 100% growth. 

Step 3 – Implantation of the Hair Follicle

The most important part of the procedure – The follicles are implanted directly using the most modern next generation instrument, NFHI implanter. With the use of this implanter the surgeon can plant the follicles directly to the skin without a pre-incision like how it’s performed in FUT and FUE. Therefore, the NFHI procedure can be completed within 1/3rd of the time compared to conventional methods. With the usage of this Implanter, the surgeon has a complete control on the angle, depth and direction of the follicles to gain complete natural results with a maximum density.


How does Nano Follicle Hair Implant differ from FUT and FUE?


Nano Follicle Hair Implant FUE FUT
Safety 100% Depends on the Surgeon’s expertise Depends on the Surgeon’s expertise
Scarring No Moderate Yes
Cut and Stitches No No Yes
Pain No Minimal Yes
Hairline Design Natural Variable Variable
Natural Results Yes Variable Variable
Return to work Next Day 6 Days 10-12 Days
Manual Handling of the follicles to implant No Yes Yes
Results Permanent Permanent Permanent
Scalp Incision No Yes Yes
Optimum Density Maximum Variable Variable
Efficiency 98% Variable Variable
Shock Loss No Depends on the Surgeon’s expertise Depends on the Surgeon’s expertise
Survival rate of graft/follicle Higher Moderate minimal
Recovery Quick Moderate Slow