Nano Hair Analysis

An individual’s age, gender, pattern of hair loss and the cause for their hair loss are key pieces of information that a skilled and experienced consultant will need to analyse before recommending a solution. If your consultant does not spend time physically examining your scalp and assessing your existing hair, this is a red flag that they may not have the right qualifications and experience. 

Micro hair analysis is critical for identifying the density of the available donor area, (where hair follicles are taken for transplantation) as well as the size of the thinning or bald area to be filled. 


Treatments at early stages will help you arrest the hair loss rather than going for cure in advanced stages of hair loss. There are very few clinics in India equipped with diagnostics systems to understand the early stages of hair loss. At Nano Follicle Hair Implant, we have Tricologists and experienced consultants to perform a detailed Micro Hair Analysis to examine your scalp and hair and recommend the most appropriate solution or procedure based on the hair loss condition. As we have seen over many decades, each person’s condition is unique, hence we provide a customized approach to hair loss solutions for every individual.